2018年3月11日 星期日

English Speaking Day 12th March 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4BC (Ann and Dickson)

Dickson:D Ann:A

D: Ann , why do you feel upset ?
A: Because my exam result was not good ! I want to improve.Do you have any suggestions to help me ?
D: Ah! I have a method can help you. It’s about time management. You can spend 45 mins everyday to study. In these 45 mins you should focus on your revision. You need to be fully concentrated. Besides, you must remove your practise barrier such as video game. Actually use your real power to do anything. I hope my advice can help you.
A: Well, I don’t like video games, I like to listen to music for relaxation.Either way, we’ve to face the exam , we still need to do something to reduce stress.
D: Yes I agree with you.To me I like to go running to relax. Also we must have a balance-of-life. Word hard and play hard. Thank you

2018年3月4日 星期日

English Speaking Day 5th March 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.5D, 6C

5D Seiya:
Good morning everyone, today I’d like to share with you my interest in manga.

Manga refers to Japanese comics. And one of my favourite is “tsukiuta. It is story about 12 young men who become idols, and they try to do their best to make their dream come true. Their dream is to have a big performance together, shining bright on the stage. The music from the animation is beautiful and great to listen to.

But the most important thing is its message, which is “not to give up on your dream easily”.

2018年1月21日 星期日

English Speaking Day 22nd January 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.5BC (2)

Tom: Tracy, you work really hard for DSE!
Tracy: Of course! I want to get into the university. Having a university degree is essential for us to get a well-paid job and have a better future prospect. A majority of employers expect their staff to have high qualification and good knowledge of a specific field in order to ensure that they can handle different tasks well.
Tom: Um…but currently, more and more employers do not consider university degrees as a requirement for job applications. Companies are making these changes because there is no clear link between a degree and your ability to do a good job. Honestly, many university graduates are ‘book smart’ but lack the soft skills, such as leadership and teamwork.
Tracy: What you mentioned is definitely important but don’t you think that we can also acquire those skills at university? I think studying at university is a life-changing experience. Students can widen their social circle by meeting people of different backgrounds. They can also experience hall life, get involve in hall activities and participate in exchange programmes. The experience they get would certainly be beneficial for getting a good job in the future.
Tom: Yes but there are many ways to gain valuable and practical experience for our future jobs. For instance, there is a diverse range of vocational training programmes which allow us to equip ourselves. In fact, many successful leaders, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg, didn’t receive university degrees. Therefore, I believe, it’s your skills, talent, hard work and attitude that matter.
Tracy: Right! I can’t agree more. These are important elements to determine whether a person can succeed or not.
Tom: Yes, it’s necessary for us to set clear goals and pursue them with determination, hard work and perseverance.
Tom and Tracy: Thank you!

Mr. Sheedy & Dickson
Dickson- Morning Mr. Sheedy
Mr. Sheedy- Morning Dickson, how was your weekend?
Dickson- Pretty good, I played video games, chatted with friends on the internet and watched tv
Mr. Sheedy- but what about your revision??
Dickson- Oh! Don’t worry man. I’m sooooo clever that the exams will be easy for me. I’m a genius!
Mr. Sheedy- No, no no. Even if you’re a genius you still need to work really hard and be committed. A genius named Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!” This means that you must work really hard to be successful. And Edison was a true genius…..not like you!
Dickson- ok fine. I will work hard and start my revision tonight! But first let’s tell everyone about today’s English activities!
Mr. Sheedy- Ok sure! Today is Form 2 English speaking day and the form 2 students have prepared several game stalls for people to enjoy.
Dickson- Remember that Form 1 students in in forms 1A, 1B and 1C must attend the English speaking day. But all of the form 1 students are welcome to attend
Mr. Sheedy- That’s right! All students can get a small gift card and some candies if they complete 3 games and collect all the stickers. So come and join us and speak some English.
Dickson- Have a great Monday everyone and good luck with the up-coming exams. Remember Thomas Edison’s words and make sure that you work hard and try your best to achieve.
Together- Bye!

2018年1月16日 星期二

English Speaking Day 15th January 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4 & F5A


My favorite type of music is funk and electronica. The artist I enjoy listening to most is Mashmello, who is one of the best DJ in the world. My favorite song of his is called “Ritual”. I love the melody in this song as the beat is really positive.

I’m a big fan of British rock music. My favorite artist is a new band called “Royal Blood”. They’re really special as they only have a bass player and a drummer. My favorite song is called “Figure it out”. It has a great bass riff which is really catchy and has a heavy hard rock sound 

The type of music I enjoy most is electronic music. My favorite artist is Alan Walker and I really enjoy his work. His music is memorable because of the catchy melodies in his songs. My favorite song is called “afraid”. It was the first song I heard from this artist. It’s easy to sing and I can relate to its themes of thinking about my past and where I am now.


Cami: Hey Christine, do you have anything to do this weekend?
Christine: No, but I want to watch a film.
Cami: Which film do you want to watch?
Christine: I have read young post of south china morning post last week. There Is a review about a movie called wonder and I am interested in it.
Cami: Oh! I’ve read it too. Is it this one? Let’s go for it.
Christine: Yes, I think it is a meaningful movie that is suitable for our fellow schoolmates too. Let’s share the movie to them.
Cami: Sure!
Christine: Wonder is a moving and thought-provoking drama about a young boy who was born with facial defects. Because of his genetic disorder, August has
to regularly go to hospital, which prevents him from going to school.
Cami: Growing up, August’s mother teaches him at home, while his father
goes to work. One day, his parents decide it is time for him to go to
a mainstream school.
Christine: August tries his best to fit in at school and proves that he is no different from his classmates. Along the way, the young hero encourages his family, classmates and the community to accept individual differences, appreciate people for their inner beauty and to always be kind.
Cami: This film is educational. It teaches us not to judge others simply by their
Christine: You are right! Fellow students, are you interested in this movie? Don’t miss it! Thank you very much.

2017年12月3日 星期日

English Speaking Day 4th December 2017

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: Emma, Yuki (6E)

Emma: Yuki, this year is a tough year for all our F.6 students. We are going to the take the challenging public exam, HKDSE. Some students are under enormous pressure.
Yuki: Yes, that's why on 3rd Nov, the career and life planning committee in our school invited some of our old students to share their experience of doing revision and give us some tips on exam preparation.
Emma: That's a memorable and meaningful night! We have gained lots of inspirations that night. Let me also do something to show my support, not only for F.6 students but also for all students.
(Emma singing)
Yuki: We are not always doing well, we will meet a lot of difficulties and face different pressure. But you need to have confidence in yourself. When you believe there will be a power to push you. Don't be afraid to fail. Keep going to meet the challenge. Every challenge can help you to learn more. Learn from the mistakes, grow from the defeat. Turn on your power and stay right now to be strong.
Emma: Whenever you feel tired and want to give up, sing this song. You will have the power to keep fighting. Let's fight together!

Yuki: Fighting!

2017年11月28日 星期二

English Speaking Day 27th November 2017

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: Tom(4B), 

6BC - Emoticon vs Emoji

Tom (4B) - Hobby
Good morning, today I want to talk about my favourite hobby, which is swimming. I started this hobby five years ago when my father took me to the local pool in Ma on Shan. I often go swimming with my father, but I also enjoying swimming with my friends, or in my swimming club. Within my swimming club I joined several competitions during my primary school life and once I finished second runner up.

There are many benefits to swimming. For example, it’s good for my health, as I can improve my strength and fitness. In addition it’s a useful life skill to have and also helps me to get out of the house to enjoy some fresh air. In conclusion, I really enjoy swimming as it gives me the opportunity to think about my life and reduce my study pressure. Thank you for listening and have a great English speaking day.

2017年10月29日 星期日

English Speaking Day 30th October 2017

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: Stella (4C), Hades (4E), Raymond (4E), Ian (6D), Vivian(6D)

Form 4 - Idols
My favourite idol is very famous in Hong Kong. Her name is GEM and she is a singer and song writer. GEM is a very attractive person and I love her singing voice. I also like her personality as she is always very polite and friendly to her fans. I recommend others to listen to her music and enjoy her talent.

My idol is Mr. Sheedy. He was my English teacher during form 3 which was my first year in BWWTC. He is a funny person and always helped me to try my best in his lessons. Even though I had many arguments with Mr. Sheedy and I thought he was very annoying, in the end I know he puts his heart into his teaching.

My idol is my friend Fan Man Lok from 4B class. In my opinion he is a very good and kind person and always makes me laugh. We have been classmates for several years and often sit next to each other. Most importantly Fan Man Lok is a generous man who will always give to others without thinking of the cost.

Form 6D - Reading
B: Let’s talk about reading. Reading books and literature can improve our literacy. Also it can be educational and enjoyable. I read a lot of books in spare time. So I don’t mind you call me a bookworm.
G: I'm a bookworm too! One of my favourite author is Ronald Dahl, who wrote stories like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Fiction is so amazing because the plot is not based on real people. I think this story can really capture my imagination. If you are interested in it, you can borrow it from school library.
B: And my favourite writer is Henry Winkler. He is the literacy hero. He has dyslexia. That’s a condition where your brain makes it hard to read words. Although he has dyslexia, he writes book about a boy with learning difficulties.

G: I think reading can let us explore a new world! Actually, our school provides several resources for us, such as a renovated library, professional reading team and interesting TVC programs. It is never too late to start.