2018年5月13日 星期日

English Speaking Day 14th May 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.3D











Good morning, we are from class 3D. I am Kelly.

I am Jeff.

Hey Jeff, do you like watching movies?

Yes, do you have any suggestions for me?

Well, I have watched Avengers’ Infinity War recently. It’s really exciting, and I think you will like it too.

Superheroes? Sounds great! Um… I bet this time the heroes won again?

No, the film has not ended yet, and I have to wait for the second half to know what’s going on!

Oh! Then you have to wait for another year for the new movie then. That’s so sad... I personally prefer animations more. Like the award-winning cartoon, Coco. It’s a really touching story, and the songs are great, too.

I haven’t watched it yet. Maybe I should find some time to watch it. But no matter which movies, we can always learn English through them, especially our listening skills.

Yes, and it’s a fun way to learn English. The Buddha’s Birthday is coming and we will have a holiday soon. Let’s pick a film and enjoy it during the holiday.

That’s the end of our sharing. Thank you!

2018年5月7日 星期一

English Speaking Day 23rd April 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4A & F.3B

4A Johnson:
Good Morning Principal, Teachers and fellow schoolmates.
My hobby is taking photos when I can see many beautiful views, I can upload my good photos onto social media and share with my friends. I want to let my friends to enjoy the photos. I started taking photos when I was seven years old. My father gave me a camera. It was cheap. I felt very lucky as I brought my camera to school picnic. I took a lot of photos in the park. My friends and I enjoy my nice photos very much.
Now, I am in secondary school. On my birthday, my Dad gave me a professional camera. I was very excited for my present. I can bring the camera wherever I want. Such as the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Nam Sung Wai and The Peak. I also joined tours to China for taking photos. For example, Guilin. When I went to Guilin, the weather was very bad. So I felt a little disappointed. However, I could take a lot of good photos. I felt very satisfied. I dreamt of becoming a professional photographer in the future. I have learned many skills. I join TVC, so that I can practise more in the free time. Also vocational training courses can improve my technique. Lastly I can make more friends with the same interest.
My favourite hobby is photo taking. It is my dream and goal to become a famous photographer in the future.

3B Sam & Coco:
Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow student. We’re students from 3B.
I am Sam Chan.
I am Coco.
Why do you look so depressed Coco?
Sam, it is because when I didn’t do well in the TSA mock oral exam, I feel really frustrated.
Oops! TSA oral exam is coming, you must practice more.
I don’t know how to make improvement.
Let me tell you about the skills of oral exam. First, eye contact is very important, you must have eye contact with the examiners when you are taking about your points. Second, you must have sensible ideas with supporting reasons and examples. Finally, good communication skills can help you present your ideas smoothly. Stop using those old school phrases like “I agree with you”, “What do you think”. Change a little bit, for example “What do you think of my ideas?” those old school phrases won’t help you score high marks.
Oh! Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll try my best to practise more.
So I hope you and all F.3 students can do well in the TSA oral exam.

2018年4月8日 星期日

English Speaking Day 9th April 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4D

King King- Good morning teachers and students my name is King King and I’m from 4D
Ashley- And my name is Ashley and I’m also from 4D. Today We have decided to tell you a little something about our pets
King King- Yes. Pets are animals that live in your house and both Ashley and I have pets that we love very much.
Ashley- That’s true. I have two cats. They’re called little black and Lilly. I have had both my cats for several years and they’re an important part of my family home. What kind of a pet do you have King King?
King King- I have a dog. His name is LUCKY and I love him with all my heart. Even though he is very naughty and often doesn’t follow my instructions I still care about him.
Ashley- aww that is very sweet King King. It’s amazing that you still love your dog even though he is naughty and causes you a lot of trouble and stress.
King King- Yes. It’s the same for our class teachers, Miss Poon and Miss Luk. Even though our class causes them a lot of trouble they still love us and always try to take care of us. This is called unconditional love.
Ashley- That’s right King King. Unconditional love is when you love somebody no matter what they. Its how we feel about our beloved pets and how our class teachers feel about us.
King King- Thank you all for listening and we hope you all learned something about unconditional love.

Ashley and King King- Have a great English speaking day.  

2018年3月25日 星期日

English Speaking Day 26th March 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4C, 5B

4C Icey
My name is Icey and I am from 4C class. As I am a student I do not get a lot of free time. However when I am not studying I enjoy to play games on my phone such as the “eat chicken game”. Although this game is quite childish I still think it’s really enjoyable and hilarious. In addition the game gives me the opportunity to interact with my friends online.

4C Hazel

Good morning everyone I am Hazel from 4C class and today I want to tell you about my favourite hobby. My favourite hobby is reading and I really enjoy the book series “Game of Thrones”. These books are from the fantasy genre and involve huge fight scenes with heroes, villains and monsters. The books have also been adapted into a very popular tv show. My favourite character is John Snow. Although this character had a very difficult childhood he has matured into a strong and brave man. Plus the actor who plays him is very handsome.

5B Priscilla
Good morning I am Priscilla Tam. Everyone’s childhood must have an unforgettable animation.For me ,the animation called “Changing Batteries “ is the most inspiring story . Changing Batteries is a heart touching short animation film on human and robot relationship. I was inspired by the robot.In the story,John couldn’t come back to see Mum so he gives a present for his mum - a robot.Since then ,Mum and the robot live in a simple life every day .They originally plan to do farming,but in the end,John’s mother died of serious illness.The robot though humans rely on batteries to sustain their lives ,so the robot put the batteries on Mum’s pockets .At the end , he realised that Mum had passed away. I couldn’t imagine that even the robot will focus on feelings such a human does and take good care of John’s mother.Even John’s mum died,the robot still stay at home to clean up, it is very touchy. Everyone should have an animation of live ,this is my animation.

2018年3月11日 星期日

English Speaking Day 12th March 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.4BC (Ann and Dickson)

Dickson:D Ann:A

D: Ann , why do you feel upset ?
A: Because my exam result was not good ! I want to improve.Do you have any suggestions to help me ?
D: Ah! I have a method can help you. It’s about time management. You can spend 45 mins everyday to study. In these 45 mins you should focus on your revision. You need to be fully concentrated. Besides, you must remove your practise barrier such as video game. Actually use your real power to do anything. I hope my advice can help you.
A: Well, I don’t like video games, I like to listen to music for relaxation.Either way, we’ve to face the exam , we still need to do something to reduce stress.
D: Yes I agree with you.To me I like to go running to relax. Also we must have a balance-of-life. Word hard and play hard. Thank you

2018年3月4日 星期日

English Speaking Day 5th March 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.5D, 6C

5D Seiya:
Good morning everyone, today I’d like to share with you my interest in manga.

Manga refers to Japanese comics. And one of my favourite is “tsukiuta. It is story about 12 young men who become idols, and they try to do their best to make their dream come true. Their dream is to have a big performance together, shining bright on the stage. The music from the animation is beautiful and great to listen to.

But the most important thing is its message, which is “not to give up on your dream easily”.

2018年1月21日 星期日

English Speaking Day 22nd January 2018

Teacher: Mr. Sheedy

Student: F.5BC (2)

Tom: Tracy, you work really hard for DSE!
Tracy: Of course! I want to get into the university. Having a university degree is essential for us to get a well-paid job and have a better future prospect. A majority of employers expect their staff to have high qualification and good knowledge of a specific field in order to ensure that they can handle different tasks well.
Tom: Um…but currently, more and more employers do not consider university degrees as a requirement for job applications. Companies are making these changes because there is no clear link between a degree and your ability to do a good job. Honestly, many university graduates are ‘book smart’ but lack the soft skills, such as leadership and teamwork.
Tracy: What you mentioned is definitely important but don’t you think that we can also acquire those skills at university? I think studying at university is a life-changing experience. Students can widen their social circle by meeting people of different backgrounds. They can also experience hall life, get involve in hall activities and participate in exchange programmes. The experience they get would certainly be beneficial for getting a good job in the future.
Tom: Yes but there are many ways to gain valuable and practical experience for our future jobs. For instance, there is a diverse range of vocational training programmes which allow us to equip ourselves. In fact, many successful leaders, such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zukerberg, didn’t receive university degrees. Therefore, I believe, it’s your skills, talent, hard work and attitude that matter.
Tracy: Right! I can’t agree more. These are important elements to determine whether a person can succeed or not.
Tom: Yes, it’s necessary for us to set clear goals and pursue them with determination, hard work and perseverance.
Tom and Tracy: Thank you!

Mr. Sheedy & Dickson
Dickson- Morning Mr. Sheedy
Mr. Sheedy- Morning Dickson, how was your weekend?
Dickson- Pretty good, I played video games, chatted with friends on the internet and watched tv
Mr. Sheedy- but what about your revision??
Dickson- Oh! Don’t worry man. I’m sooooo clever that the exams will be easy for me. I’m a genius!
Mr. Sheedy- No, no no. Even if you’re a genius you still need to work really hard and be committed. A genius named Thomas Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!” This means that you must work really hard to be successful. And Edison was a true genius…..not like you!
Dickson- ok fine. I will work hard and start my revision tonight! But first let’s tell everyone about today’s English activities!
Mr. Sheedy- Ok sure! Today is Form 2 English speaking day and the form 2 students have prepared several game stalls for people to enjoy.
Dickson- Remember that Form 1 students in in forms 1A, 1B and 1C must attend the English speaking day. But all of the form 1 students are welcome to attend
Mr. Sheedy- That’s right! All students can get a small gift card and some candies if they complete 3 games and collect all the stickers. So come and join us and speak some English.
Dickson- Have a great Monday everyone and good luck with the up-coming exams. Remember Thomas Edison’s words and make sure that you work hard and try your best to achieve.
Together- Bye!